Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11-27-2013 Red Lion Grog House

I went to the Red Lion Grog House to play trivia and relax a little bit.  On tuesdays and thursdays they have trivia.  The trivia system is a little goofy, but that is another story....

The food at the Red Lion is always solid right across the whole menu.  The menu is pretty large and diverse, but the theme is really good English inspired dishes.

The Ambiance - the place is not huge, but not tiny, there is a small bar area that can hold 6 people or so and the kitchen is small, but you can watch them cook and I like that.  There is a fun vibe here and it is usually busy and the people are having a great time.

The Service - I have always had great service here.  You see the same faces so they keep their staff.  You also see the staff working together and helping each other out.

The Food - I had the reuben sandwich with slaw.  The two work together very well.  I would give them a solid 4 stars.  The slaw balances that for me.  I love that they serve local beers too.

Overall I think this is a solid place that I would take anybody.  The cost is 10 bucks for a sandwich roughly and you can get an entree for 13 or so.  I give them a solid 4 stars.

I also note that many times the Red Lion is busy while the nearby restaurants are not....I think it is because the food is good at the Red Lion and also that it is a fun energetic place.

Reuben with Slaw

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