Saturday, November 23, 2013

11-23-2013 Big Woods Brewery in Nashville Indiana

We were celebrating the birth of which is a new website that Danny and Hillary launched.  We went to Big Woods Brewing Company in Nashville Indiana.  

The ambiance - The place is not all that big and it is packed tight inside.  There is a large bar area.  There is only one bathroom too.  There is a lot of outdoor seating and some of it has those nice plastic window walls.  
The service - we had excellent service.  We sat at the bar.  Everybody was very friendly to us and there were quite a few servers.

The Food - Due to some dietary constraints we had them break apart the rib special into it's component parts.  The ribs were very meaty and tender.  The sauce was also very good.  I liked the wings too and they had some charring which I liked.  The pizza was also very good with a thin and crispy crust. 

All and all the place deserves a solid 4-5 stars.  It is always really packed which indicates that others agree.

Ribs special came with asparagus and a sweet potato
Sweet Potato
Vege Pizza


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