Thursday, November 21, 2013

11-21-2013 China Bistro

We had a groupon that got us $30 for $15.  The China Bistro was highly rated so we decided to give it a try.

The ambiance - when we pulled in it is odd because it is a part of a strip mall in a very retail dense area in Greenwood.  But when you step through the door you are transported to a different place.  There was soothing music and lots of colors and the place was very big.  5 stars

The service - We had really good service and a knowledgeable waitress.  She was able to accomodate a few modifications to our order without effort.  5 stars

The food - The online folks liked the hot and sour soup and I tried some.  It was very good with lots of stuff in it.  I got the shrimp curry which cost $13 and the flavor was spot on.  There was plenty of sauce that had a little bit of bite to it, but was not too hot.  There were ample vegetables and large shrimp.  The portion sizes were large and I couldn't eat it all.  Cara got the Farmers Market which cost $8.95.  It had a very tasty and delicate sauce and the vegetables were fresh and cooked properly.  She also got the seaweed salad was good.  4-5 stars on the food.  I would lean towards 5.

Very roomy restaurant

5 stars on the shrimp curry

4 stars on the Farmers Market (Vege Stir Fry)

Seaweed Salad

Hot and Sour Soup
I would go back again....especially with a discount.  We give it a solid 4-5 stars for this place!

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