Friday, November 15, 2013

11-14-2013 Dinner at Miyagi Sushi Bar (Indianapolis) - Cara's Take


It's a nice, upscale kind of place, though it's still comfortable.  Lots of black.  I like the atmosphere, really.


I've had better service, but it was our server's first day, so I'll give him a break.  Being out of an item for a second time seems like poor planning on the restaurant's part, though.


Eric liked his Sushi Regular well enough (except for one piece that he left), and he gives this place 3 stars.  I have had much better vegetarian sushi, so I give it 2 stars.  Following is our experience that night:

I had a taste for vegetarian sushi, so Eric and I thought we would try Miyagi's again.  I knew we'd been here once before, but I couldn't quite remember the experience.  Anyway, I look at the list of vegetarian sushi, and two of them I already can't have because they have cream cheese (stupid anti-inflammation diet).  Okay, so that leaves a Plum Cucumber Roll, which sounds really good, and about five other rolls that only had one ingredient in them (i.e. cucumber, avocado, kampyo, etc.).  Personally, single ingredient vegetarian sushi seems like an afterthought to me, but what do I know?  Anyway, I inquire what kampyo was and our (new) server has to go and ask.  No biggie.  So, I order a seaweed salad, the Plum Cucumber Roll, and an Avocado Roll (only because I can't understand the server's explanation of what kampyo is).  Eric orders the Sushi Regular with a salmon roll.  Moment's later the server comes back and says they are out of the Plum Cucumber Roll, and so I decide to try the Kampyo roll anyway.  That's when it all starts coming back to me.  The last time we were here the same thing happened.  They were out of the Plum Cucumber Roll (the one I was really looking forward to) then, and I went with the Kampyo Roll then also.  I seemed to recall not liking it then, but I hoped I was wrong about that.
So, the miso soup comes and is good.  The side salad is also good (like the ginger dressing).
My seaweed salad is fine, though I've never had one served with slices of cucumber.  
Eric gets his Sushi Regular and likes it, even though they didn't explain what each piece was.  
I get my two rolls and instantly recognize the Kampyo Roll (left) as, indeed, one I hadn't liked.  So, I just put plenty of cucumber and seaweed salad with it, and it was okay.  The Avocado Roll was okay, but there was definitely missing something for me.

I don't know - maybe the third time would be the charm on getting the Plum Cucumber Roll, but I don't feel much like giving them another chance.

Oh, in case you're interested, kampyo is dried calabash (gourd).  The flavor isn't horrible and would be fine for me mixed with other ingredients, but by itself it is too much, and the consistency isn't appealing.

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