Wednesday, October 30, 2013

11-29-2013 Dinner at Sushi on the Rocks

We were in the area and had a for Sushi on the Rocks that said $25 off of $35.

The Restaurant is very open and modern with lots of windows.  A lot of times a sushi place is confined and has a bit of a fishy smell to it, SOTR does not.  I would give Ambiance 5 stars.

Food Quality
I do not profess to be a sushi expert, but I do like Sushi and have eaten at many places.  I really like Sushi on the rocks and I give them a 4 out of 5 stars.  I have been there dozens and dozens of times.   I would maybe give them more stars, but lots of places serve a bit of miso soup with the meal and SOTR does not.

The service was not bad, but I usually get a chef's choice on the sushi and it is nice when the server tells you what each piece of sushi is.  Instead I ate 5 pieces of mysterious raw fish.

Veggie Lover's sushi roll
Seaweed Salad (8 bucks on menu, but charged $7)
Sushi Regular ( 11 bucks)
They often give out 50% and greater discounts and this place is a really good deal.  A solid 4-5 stars everytime.

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