Thursday, October 31, 2013

10-30-2013 - food cart - The Flavor Truck

At Sun King Brewery they had the Flavor Food Truck there.  They were serving expensive gourmet type sandwiches that cost about 10 bucks each.  So they are on the expensive side.

The Truck
The Truck was very nice and clean and they had a sweet setup on the back for the very nice and quiet Honda Generator.  5 stars on the truck.

The service
The service was great and the sandwich came out fast.  You could watch them make it.  4 stars on the service.

The Food
The Meatball sandwich was pretty spicey.  There were 2 large meatballs on the sandwich and overall I thought it was pretty good.  I would give it 3-4 stars.

The Flavor Truck

Meatball Sandwich with the hot relish on the side
Overall I give this food truck 3 stars because it was pretty expensive.  The ingredients were good and the sandwich was good, but it was very hot I thought and that was without the peppers.

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